Basic rules of essay writing

To create coherence between different parts of your text and thus strengthen the coherence of your text, you can greatly benefit from using conjunction words.

Verb words are not a particular word class such as verbs or nouns, but are different words that can be used to make a connection between sentences or between paragraphs. The conjunction words can be used for argumentation, elaboration, exemplification, logical follow-up, counter-argumentation, anticipation of counter-argumentation, conclusion etc.

Here are a number of words that can be used as connecting words. This is merely an example, and the list is given only so that you can find some words you can use now and here, but there are far more opportunities to make connections than just these connecting words. The important thing is that you manage to link your text together so that there is progress and consistency in your text.

  • Collecting, concluding
  • In summary, one might say
  • shortly said
  • So this is basically all about
  • Therefore
  • Exemplary and explanatory
  • e.g
  • In other words
  • this is also expressed by
  • By that I mean
  • Extending argumentation
  • this can be further seen by
  • to this can also be added
  • also the following quote emphasizes this
  • further, furthermore
  • Moreover
  • something similar
  • in the same way
  • Logical consequence
  • therefore must
  • because
  • as a result of
  • thus

Counter-argument and contradiction (and to take this into account)
on the other hand
however, I mean
in spite of that, I mean

firstly … secondly

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